About Me

Hey, my name is David, also known as Finnish Fox. To get one thing out of the way first, no, Iím not Finnish. I am a quarter, through my grandfather was born in America to two Finnish immigrants. I donít know much of the language, just what my relatives have told me, which mostly consists of curses. The name comes from before I was even aware of furry; I chose it because of my history and because it was alliterative. Iím currently a college student majoring in geology. Unfortunately, this means I am not able to work on costumes for most of the year.

Iíve been making costumes ever since I could staple construction paper together; Iíd walk out to the busses after kindergarten in crazy paper helmets. I started making fursuits in the spring of 2005 when I was 15. My first suit wasnít too great, but a year later I made a new, better suit, and a year later, yet another. Right now, Iím just dipping my toes into the water of commissions after 5 years of making fursuits as a recreational hobby. The fursuits I make are wireframes, a mix between aluminum and steel. I find wireframes allow for the best mix of lightweight, size, and shape. I also love to make other costumes like uniforms and suits of armor. Between geology and forging suits of armor, I spend a lot of time hitting things with hammers.