Welcome to my slightly newish website! I did my best to lash this site together from the remains of my old site, and now I've got a new online home courtesy of Sunoo Kitsune, and hopefully I will be able take some fursuit commissions for the first time ever. Right now I am green and don't know the value of a dollar or a hard day's work, so my prices are pretty cheep right now. You better hurry though, because I've only got 3 slots open for the summer, and after that my prices will probably go up.

 Current Professional Projects:
-Commissions Closed-
Bastion: 5%
Kofu: 0%
Project Bawk: 95%
Kashmere Otter Head: 100%
Hey Everyone, this is a temporary site that will be up until I can get a shiny new, better one up, hopefully by the end of the year.