Prices and Sales

Full Suit: $1,030+
Head, body, tail, hand and feet paws; the works.

Half Suit: $640+
Head, tail, feet and hand paws.

Heads: $450+
Basic heads are wireframes with toony eyes and non-moving jaws.
Following Eyes: +50.
Moving Jaw: +100.
Hidden Fan: +50.

Body: $400+
One piece jumpsuit with hidden zipper down the side, depending on design. NO hands, feet, tail, or head.

Hand Paws: $60+
Basic hands have 4 or 5 fingers, with leather or suede pads.

Feet Paws: $100+
Basic feet are built on old shoes of yours with leather, suede, or foam soles.

Tails: $40+
Simple stuffed tails attach with polypropylene belt loops.

All prices are subject to change depending on the complexity of your character.